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Flexible pricing, Guaranteed growth results.

After the end of your previous package, you will be Auto Switched to the New package.
Autolikes IG will then automatically cancel your old Paypal subscription without any delay.
Basically your previously subscribed package will continue in a Discounted Price. Great deal of Money.

50 - 60 Auto Likes

$ 3 .49


  • 3 Posts/Day

  • 60 Likes/Post

  • 125 Views/Post

100 - 120 Auto Likes

$ 4 .29


  • 3 Posts/Day

  • 120 Likes/Post

  • 125 Views/Post

200 - 250 Auto Likes

$ 6 .99


  • 3 Posts/Day

  • 250 Likes/Post

  • 255 Views/Post

320 - 370 Auto Likes

$ 9 .99


  • 3 Posts/Day

  • 370 Likes/Post

  • 375 Views/Post

450 - 550 Auto Likes

$ 12 .99


  • 3 Posts/Day

  • 550 Likes/Post

  • 565 Views/Post

1k - 1.2k Auto Likes

$ 28 .99


  • 3 Posts/Day

  • 1200 Likes/Post

  • 1225 Views/Post

How it works?

Start growing your Instagram audience in seconds. All you need to do is -

Select Package

Select how many likes you wish to get for each and every post you will make.You can choose from 50 up to 3500 likes...

Select Subscription

Choose the duration of your subscription circle, either Weekly or Monthly

Access Your Account

Login to Dashboard to View & Manage your Autolikes Settings

use Your Umbrella

It will start raining likes!

Awesome Features

Autolikes & Views

Make your Instagram posts more popular and liked and viewed by many people!

Auto Impressions

Now Increase your post impressions by boosting unique impressions on it and reach large segment of audience.

Auto Story Views

Don’t want people to miss your important Insta stories? Autolikes IG will detect and will feed it with views for better reach and engagement.

Manual Likes

Wish to get your Instagram posts loaded full of likes? Want to increase your Instagram engagement rates? Now boost likes on your Instagram account with AutolikesIG.

Manual Comments

Light up your Instagram posts with dozen of noteworthy and genuine comments. We will help you boost your posts and increase your reach.

Manual Views

Are you struggling to get enough views on your Instagram videos? Now Supercharge your Instagram influence with huge view counts via AutolikesIG.

Manual Followers

Get real followers and be successful. AutolikesIG will give you the followers count you wish to have and will help you grow your social presence.

Manual Impressions

Give your Instagram videos more liveliness by getting the maximum number of impressions on your every single post.

Manual Story Views

Are you using Instagram stories, but want to get more views? We will help you to strengthen your reach and will boost the engagement rate on your IG stories.



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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions we get asked the most often.
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Faq Image
1. How is this “Auto Likes” service working?

Our service is subscription based (1 day, 1 week, 15 days, 1 month subscription). After you complete the payment, we will add your account to our server. Our server will check for new posts on your profile every 10-50 minutes. If we find a new post we will add it to our Instagram likes server and we will start sending likes to your post. That’s all!

2. How can i upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

You can let us know it by clicking here and contact us. One of our representatives will contact back to you and help you.

4. I don’t want a subscription,i just want one time payment option.How can i do this?

You can get our service for one time payment, don’t worry. You need to complete the payment/subscription and then to do one of the following to cancel the auto renew option:

1. You can read here how you can cancel it from your Paypal Account

2. You can click here and press the “Un-Subscribe” button

5. I pay for the daily subscription but my subscription hasn’t been enabled after 24 hours.

If you pay for 1 day subscription and you are not enabled after 24 hours and Paypal renew automatically your subscription for the next day we will refund you the 1 extra day that you pay and not use. Please go to our Contact Us page and from available reasons select the refund option and we will take care of this.

6. My subscription renew automatically but i didn’t want it, what can i do?

Don’t worry, we will handle it. First of all don’t post and contact us. We will remove your account from our service and send you the money back. Please go to our Contact Us page and from available reasons select the refund option and we will take care of this.

7. When will my service start?

After you complete the payment, we will need some time to add your profile to our server and setup your subscription. This usually take 30 – 60 minutes. Then we will send you an email to inform you that you are ready to begin!

If you haven’t receive this email:
1) Please check your spam folder.
2) If it is weekend we might be unable to start it within 1 hour, but we will start it asap!
3) Some of you will be from different time zones, therefore we will serve you with some delay, but again we will start is asap!!

8. I post but i didn’t get my likes yet,why?

Because although we do our best to keep it fast and reduce server downtime, it is necessary to update so it will be a delay some times. Also some times Instagram is not allowing our server to check for your latest post every 10-20 minutes and we must wait and check every 30-40 minutes. That can cause delay on your delivery.

9. Do you need my password?Can my profile be private?

We will never ask you for your password but you must have your profile public!

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